Environment Monitoring System IP Temp CAT5 Video Extender HDMI VGA DVI KVM Switch, Video Splitter, Video Matrix Switch

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Self-Adhesive Clips for Liquid/Chemical Sensor Rope

Environment Monitoring System Rope-Style Leak Detection Sensors
Liquid, Water & Chemical Detection Sensors compatible with ENVIROMUX-2D, ENVIROMUX-5D and ENVIROMUX-16D
  • Use to prevent sensor rope cable from shifting after installation
  • Self-adhesive backing for easy installation
  • Recommended distance between clips
    • Cables less than 5 ft long: one clip at each end.
    • Cables more than 5 ft long: minimum 5 ft apart.
  • Material: Nylon
  • Available quantities per package: 10, 100
  • Compatible with ENVIROMUX-LD-LCx-y, ENVIROMUX-LDx-y and ENVIROMUX-CDx-y
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