VGA Video Switch, BNC workstation switcher share one monitor multiple computers

Video Switches

Video Switches
Switch multiple computers to one monitor. Share monitor among several computers.
Also known as: VGA Switch.
  • DVI/HDMI Video Switch with Audio & RS232

    VIDMUX® SE-DVI-2ARS (Front & Back)

    The VIDMUX® DVI/HDMI video/audio switch enables one DVI/HDMI display and speakers to be switched between two single link digital DVI/HDMI video sources.

  • VGA Video Switch with Audio and RS232 Control Options

    VIDMUX® SE-AV-8-RS (Front & Back)

    The VIDMUX® VGA Video Switch enables up to 16 PC, MAC or SUN computers with VGA video to be connected to a single monitor, projector or plasma screen. It supports crisp and clear 1920x1200 video resolution and 150 MHz bandwidth.